Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Taking a little longer

Hi all,

Unfortunately I have other work to attend to so this area is going to be a little neglected. But I do plan on adding further analysis here for people to discuss. The alternative to psychiatry takes education and understanding. In order to make sure the methods work I shall need to conduct studies and find interested parties. My alternative will allow people to return to work effectively. What I wish to achieve is to create a system whereby patients come out smart, slim and assertive. Patients also want to cooperate with society. I have already examined quite a few training methods to reduce stress on the current system and they are already implemented in other areas. For example if you look at how the military trains its personnel, this training makes people assertive to a point and also creates fit and able people. I would also like to hear from people that have had positive experiences with psychiatrists as this would be something that my system could adopt. I wish to create an alternative to psychiatry as psychiatrists are not willing to adopt changes that would make patients smart, slim and assertive. From a monetary point of view or control point of view psychiatry still makes no sense as the people they treat are not able to make money and become less controlled and fearful of society rather than cooperating with society. Thus the current system drains funds from society and creates fearful people who are uncooperative. Will explain in further detail when I have time.

Thursday, 17 May 2007


Hi Everyone,

Well I would like to present a scientific alternative to psychiatry. I am working on this on my own at the moment but would love input from as many people. But I might be hearing some of you state that psychiatry is a science and proper medical procedure? Well in order to answer that very question I shall be posting information that shows that psychiatry is really a cult and psuedoscience. This should happen in a couple of weeks.

For those who may be impatient and want some medical advice or better treatment I cannot offer either as I am not a doctor nor is it my area of study at the moment. I shall be attempting to study both psychology and neurology or getting people in that area involved in my scientific alternative. If there are any people studying or specialising in the fields of psychology or neurology I would be happy to accept their input into my new scientific alternative to psychiatry.

The current name I have come up with is "The Centre for the study of the paranormal" as some people who are currently placed in mental hospitals have very strange ideas. But this is not the best option as it doesn't cover the other areas that psychiatry deals with in the bible the DSM-IV-TR. I am also interested in helping those who have been labelled as depressed, ADD, ADHD and so forth. I am really prepared to rewrite the entire field of psychiatry so that it does care for people as the current system is only money and power focussed. For those who have gotten this far, well I am also going to be starting a few competitions and prizes based on alternatives to psychiatry. Keep looking back for updates on these things. All comments are welcome. But please no personal attacks they will be removed.

Drugged Monkey